Mobile is the futuristic way to stay connected and engage effectively with audiences. People are consuming gigabytes of data on their mobile phones and spend majority of time building connections over mobile as compared to web platforms.
Going mobile is staying ahead for the next 10 years and sticking to the web is staying 10 years behind.

Once you have taken the visionary step of connecting and engaging with your Alumni effectively, we do all the necessary ground work and get you live in 14 days.

  • You can track and connect Alumni of your institution in the fastest possible manner.
  • You can keep Alumni updated with the progress of your institution.
  • Alumni can create events, share news with each other and the institution using hashtags making it easier to search relevant content.
  • You can also launch scholarship and fundraising campaigns through the App’s Content Rich features.

Your app just needs a working Wi-Fi connection or internet service from the mobile provider. Once that is in place, you are ready to reconnect with your alumni.

The app is for your alumni network so it will be customised as per your choice.

We understand your need for validating if the product you want to deploy works well for you or not, so we get you started with a two month trial! Upon launching the App, we work on an annual subscription basis.


We know no one likes spam so we have provided an admin panel which can be used as a dashboard by the admin.
From the biggest super power of approving/rejecting any person to modifying user generated content such as news, events, etc, the admin panel has it all.
  • You can see what type of content brings you more likes and comments
  • Daily activity of a user
  • When are maximum users logging on the app


Keeping in mind the most popular platforms in the market, the app would be available on Android and iOS.
To build a thriving alumni network on your app, content needs to come from both, institution and alumni themselves. We do provide support by advising what works best with alumni.
We try to be Supermen/women and won’t keep you waiting for more than 24 hours!


We pride ourselves on providing a closed network for your institution so only verified alumni, students and faculty of your institution can log in to the app.
Using your existing database along with our expertise in tracking alumni through social media, we will put a verification mechanism suitable to your needs.
Alumni data is extremely critical which is why we chose trusted web-hosting platforms and servers.
No. We understand the importance of your data and the data is bound by confidentiality.